34 Year Old, 2 Kids, A Cup, Looking for More Proportionate Breast Size – Orange County, CA
Dr. Kachenmeister is one of the best surgeons or doctors I’ve ever encountered. He really takes the time with his patients to make you feel comfortable and listens to what you want out of your procedure. His bedside manner is the best I’ve ever had and his accessibility to his patients is second to none. I am one year post op and I could not be happier with the outcome. I feel very comfortable and confident with the outcome and feel that the results look very natural, which was exactly what I asked for. If I ever wanted another procedure I would not hesitate to contact Dr. Kachenmeister again.

Dr. K does a great job! – Mission Viejo, CA
Dr. K is awesome. I had recently had my second child and went in for breast augmentation. He did a wonderful job, and managed my expectations as to the outcome and process throughout. I have already referred a couple friends and they are ecstatic with their results also. You are in good hands with Dr. K.

I couldn’t have had a better experience.
Both Dr. Kachenmeister and his team are the absolute best and some of the most caring people I’ve ever met. I’ve never had even a mediocre visit with them because they treat you like family. He did an excellent job on my surgeries and is such a perfectionist I couldn’t thank him enough! They seriously has changed my life and I would recommend him to anyone and everyone.

31 Years Old, 3 C-sections in 4 Years – Orange County, CA
Dr. Kachenmeister is extremely compassionate and listened to exactly what I was looking for. I never felt desserted after my bill was paid and the procedures were done. I always felt like I was extremely informed and cared for. His office staff is also amazing. They were all so supportive.

Tummy Tuck Breast Implants with Dr. Kachenmeister
I know most people go to several consultations before choosing a doctor but I was lucky enough that Dr. Kachenmeister was my first consultation and I didn’t need to consult with any other doctors. I knew I was in good hands the minute I walked into his office. The ladies in the office are amazing. Dr. K is so kind and caring and really took his time with me. He explained in detail what I…

Dr. K is a PERFECTIONIST! – Mission Viejo, Orange County, CA
Dr. K is not only a brilliant Cosmetic Surgeon but also a compassionate and caring man. He carefully listens to my concerns and genuinely shows that he cares about me. Dr. K is never rushed and takes time with his patients. He makes you his number one priority. I needed a procedure done on my face so I was very concerned about what the scar would look like. Dr. K explained the procedure in…

I broke my face! Dr. Kachenmeister put me back together again!
My first encounter with Dr. Kachenmeister was in the emergency room of a trauma center. I thank God that Dr. Kachenmeister was on call. I know that the posts here concern procedures/treatments/medications that make people more beautiful. I, on the other hand, needed a plastic/reconstructive surgeon for traumatic head, eye, and facial injuries. I fell. I literally fell on my face. I joked…

My experience was excellent! – Mission Viejo, CA
Dr. K is very knowleagable. I am very happy with the results. He took care of me until I was completely healed and happy . This makeover was totally worth it. It was a process but I will do it again.

Highly Skilled, Well Trained and Very Compassionate -Mission Viejo, CA
Dr. Kachenmeister is the best doctor I have ever been to. He is so caring and dedicated. He spends so much time with me and answers every question. He enjoys answering questions because he has so much knowledge and expertise. When I ask him a question about a particular procedure, he first studies my face or body before answering. Then he tells me whether I should have it or not. He’s not interested in selling procedures, he interested in improving your appearance. He is personally vested in your outcome. He is a very classy person and does not degrade other doctors’s work. He is in the top 10% of doctors in the US based on a report by US News and World Report. How many doctors can say that? Two people who didn’t know each other recommended him to me and now I can see why. I called him on a Saturday when I was having pain and he called me back immediately and took care of my needs right then. He made sure everything about my procedure was healing well and to his and my satisfaction. I felt very confident with his treatment and skill.

29 Year Old Breast Augmentation with Mastopexy. – Mission Viejo, CA
Dr. Kachenmeister is professional and compassionate. He is knowledgable in his profession, he truly wants what’s best for you. He practiced everything safely while meeting my breast lift and augmentation requirements. Things look and feel great!